Thursday, 27 December 2012

Where have I been?

I haven't posted anything in a while because I've been crazy busy with college, my phone also broken and I do not own a laptop/computer so I have nothing to use anyway but I'm back and although I most likely wont post again till the beginning of 2013 I have planned so posts already.

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and a great 2012 :) x

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

OOTD - Exploring

I was sat at home today bored, so I decided to go on an adventure around where I live. Although I have lived in the village my whole life I've never really looked round properly. The village scares the crap out of me as it reminds me of the place in The Lovely Bones so I was terrified that I was going to be killed and buried in a den in the ground..

Beenie - From Australia

Camo jacket - Asos (DIY)
Redy Pinky Jacket - Topshop
Black Vest - H&M

Shorts - River Island
Tights - Tesco

Shoes - Nike Blazers

Nail Varnish - OPI Die Another Day (very chipped)

'JB' Necklace - Gift
Start Necklace - Topshop
(I hate my smile)
Eye Liner - Miss Sporty
Foundation - Rimmel Wake Me Up
 And I did fall over *embarrassed*
Muddy elbow from falling over..

 Some pictures of the scenery..

Enjoy your day..

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My Extensions

I have wanted hair extensions for years now and a couple of weeks i finally took the plunge. I brought mine from salon international (went with college) which meant that they were show price and discounted so they were only £25 and the clips £4!!

They are 100% Remy human hair 18" which means you can wash, dye and style them how you want. The colour is number 16, the hair is not one solid colour which makes them look more natural.
Being Remy hair means that the hair is facing the right way (the root end at the top and the tips at the end).

The hair is really good quality and is very soft, the shedding is understandable as I rushed to cut and sew the clips on meaning there will be loose hairs.

The make is Rene Duval which I don't think is available anymore as the woman at the shop said it was old stock but while I was there I brought my sister some which are the same quality, length and weight as mine they are available on the website ( link at the bottom).

The packaging.

The label.

The hair that was left to dry naturally. 

The clips and how i sewed them on.
The hair straightened, crimped and curled.

Hair Development -
Sister's Extensions -
Clips -

Enjoy your day..

Sunday, 14 October 2012

DIY vintage worn metal studs

I decided that I wanted some vintage looking studs to put on my clothes and didn't want to spend any money so I used the left over studs that I used on my denim vest/ cut off (How I studded my denim vest/cut off - ) and some nail varnish.
Studs- eBay ( around £5) (10mm silver pyramid studs) 
Nail varnish- Boots ( no more than £5)

Studs that I used.

Push the studs into an old top or paper si the nail varnish does't damage anything.

The nail varnish I used ( 17 Nail Extras Crackle Top Coat).

The nail varnish doesn't need to be applied perfectly as it will add to the old effect.

Leave them to dry.
This only took around 5 minutes to do.

Enjoy your day..

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Life Post two-Depression and Suicide

Depression- is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can have a negative effect on a person's thoughts, behavior, feelings, world view and physical well-being.

Suicide- is the act of intentionally causing one's own death.

No one who knows me will know anything about this because i'm the happy, quiet one who looks as if she has no problems and I make my self appear like that because I don't want any one to know what I'm really like panicky, full of self hate, depressed, worry about everything and at times suicidal.

Everyone who knows me will not know that I have been bullied even the bullies won't of realized what they were doing or what it can cause being called ugly, fat, spotty, a slut, a slag, a bitch, loser, dog.. Even being told to go cry in a corner and kill myself is hurtful and I have often held in the tears all day until I finally reach home and lock myself in my room, often staring into the mirror hating myself the way I look and the way I'am. I will sit and cry for hours thinking of how easy it would be to end it all and just leave this world.. I haven't yet but I can't even promise myself that I won't do anything in the future..

I worry about the smallest thing like getting the bus and being alone in public. In a couple of days college is having a 'hippy' day for world peace and we have to dress as hippies this has terrified me because I have no idea what to wear and what everyone else is going to wear, I have made myself ill over this and have cried I'm terrified because what if no one else dresses up and I do or if everyone else does and I don't I want to fit in and not be laughed at or talked about. I don't want to stand out just to blend in.

I had promised myself that college would be a new start for me I would be more confident and not worry about anything but nothing has changed I feel worse about myself as the pressures of looking and acting a certain way are more stronger than ever. I know deep down that I shouldn't of picked hairdressing as that requires you to be confident in yourself, not be shy and talk to hundreds of strangers its too late now I have picked my future there's no going back this is my life from now on and I have to live with it..

Many people think depression is a sign of weakness.. It is NOT!! To deal with depression takes a lot of strength and courage.

Just a smile or a hello can save someones life.

Don't be a bully you never know what it might cause.

As I wrote this I have been crying and I have thought of killing myself and going somewhere better.

Report bullying to help stop it!!

There IS help out there.. talk to someone you know (family, friends), talk to a teacher, talk to your doctor ( they know how to help).

There are many website and numbers that will help:  0800 585858  0808 808 8000  020 8896 3675  01708 765200

Stay strong
You ARE all beautiful 
You ALL MEAN something
You are NOT pointless

Enjoy your day..

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Life Post one-Starting College?!?!

I started college this week and i was terrified!! I'm not the most confident person or talkative so the idea of meeting loads of new people was rather scary, luckily I had a friend who was doing the same course as me and was in the same group..

Leaving school-
I feel like I should still be at school as it feels like I only was a year 7 a year ago.. Its gone so quickly!! 
The months and weeks coming to the end of school were strange, I had done my exams and was just finishing of course work so i was only for a couple of lessons a week and that felt like nothing was really that important any more and I was starting to grow up. I left school like everyone else saying " I can't wait to leave, Its going to be great, I will never miss this place." I suppose for some people that's true they won't miss school at all, but I defiantly miss school I didn't realise that until I started college. At school everything is basically spoon fed to you at college its your job to do things and if you don't it doesn't happen or get done. Leaving the people you have seen nearly everyday for 5 years is sad because although you do say your going to keep in touch not everyone does and they move on to new people and things and soon forget about you. The teachers you got on with now have new year 7s to teach.  The fact that I will probably never step foot back into that school ever after being there for 5 years is upsetting.

College is totally different to school instead of being classes with only people your age there are different ages from 16 up. Being able to go out of the college for lunch is great it means we can buy food from any where and walk round the shops. I hardly ever see anyone from school in college although most people went there but when i see them its normally an awkward smile or hey you aright? as we pass in the corridor instead of the long chats we would of had at school. College has less rules than school which means you can do most things unlike in school. Only studying what you want to at college instead of everything that you had to in school makes college seem a lot more fun and less boring and time wasting, but it also means you forget a lot of what you have learnt at school..

Although I'am looking forward to the rest of my time at college I defiantly am missing school alot!!
To anyone else who has left school and is starting college GOOD LUCK!! 

Enjoy your day..

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Summer Lookbook!!

The weather in the U.K hasn't been great :( but anyway I thought i would show you what I'm wearing this summer rain or shine..
(The quality is shocking sorry :/ )

Shirt - Dads
Orange top- River Island
Shorts- River Island
Shoes- Nike blazers
Denim Jacket- Dads
Guns and Roses top- Primark
Leggings- Primark
Shoes- Converse double tounges

Jacket- New Look
Top- H&M
Acid wash jeans- H&M
Shoes- Dr Martens 8 eye matte white
Elbow pad cardigan- H&M
Vest- H&M
High waisted american flag shorts- Topshop
Tights- Primark
Shoes- Black and white vans
Top- River Island
Shorts- River Island (studded by me)
Shoes- Black vans
Top- Primark
Jeans- New Look
Shoes- Primark
And a blooper ;)

Hello Toby..

Enjoy your day..

My summer beauty favorites!

Summer in England isn't always sunny, most of the time it rains.. But over this summer I have found many great products which are either new to me or I have rediscovered them.

Front- Superdrug Body Butter and The Body Shop Lip Butter
Middle- 17 Nail Varnish, Rimmel London Foundation and Maybelline New York Mascara
Back- Lee Stafford Shampoo, Superdrug Facial Wash, The Body Shop Body Mist and Dove  Heat Spray

Superdrug Cranberry and Pomegranate body butter-
This smells AMAZING!! The scent of this is very summery although I will be using this all year round as it is now my favorite body butter, the smell has a sort of fruity and creamy smell which last in the skin for ages. It gets rid of any dry skin.
I defiantly recommend trying this as it is very cheap (around £2!!) and smells so nice.

The Body Shop born lippy raspberry-
I have had this since Christmas and have recently started to use this again as it has a very summery taste (yes I have tasted it a few times) of ice lollies. It helps to make the lips very soft and smooth.
The cost for this isn't that much around £3 and the pot does last a long while.

17 Nail varnish in Pink Grapefruit-
This has a very summery coral pinky orange colour which looks great with a tan and helps to brighten up an outfit which might be dull.
I would recommend applying 2 coats to get the true colour. Price around £2.

Rimmel London Wake Me Up foundation-
This is the perfect foundation for summer as it is not too thick but still covers up mark, it has a dewy finish which can be mad matte by using a powder over the top.
Price £8.99
Read my full review at .

Maybelline New York the Falsies volum' express mascara Flared-
This masacara has a spoon brush which helps to coat all the lashes even the tiny ones and make them appear longer and more voloumised. The eyelashes defiantly look more curved and longer.
Price around £8.

Lee Stafford BLEAch BLondes SHaMPOO-
Although I don't have bleach blonde hair this still helps to removed the brassy yellow tones that build up in my blonde hair by gently toning them out. The shampoo is a bright purple colour which is what removes the yellow brassy tones.
I would not recommend using this shampoo daily as it can leave some pale purplely tones. Price under £7.

Superdrug Deep Action daily facial scrub Anti-Bacterial-
I brought this in a rush and because it was cheap and thought that it wouldn't make any difference to my skin at all.. but i was wrong it hasn't suddenly clear all my spots (if only) but it has helped to make my skin feel cleaner and clearer. The small beads help to removed dead skin and the cream helps to soften skin to leave it feeling smooth.
Price £2.

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Mist-
Normally I can't stand the smell of orange but this is a very light orange smell which is refreshing but not over powering and unbearable. The scent lasts for a couple of hours and then starts to fade away.
Price £7.

Dove damage therapy Heat Defence spray-
I brought this spray a couple of months ago and haven't stopped using it, although I think heat protecting sprays don't really do that much this one defiantly makes the hair feel a lot smoother and healthier.
Price £2 in boots at the moment.

Enjoy your day..

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Wake me up foundation review- Rimmel London

What they say-

  • Anti-fatigue effect 
  • Radiant glow
  • Illuminates skin
  • Flawless natural-looking finish

What I think-
To me this foundation isn't the best for my skin type (spots with dry patches) as the coverage isnt that full and doesnt cover my spots that well. The shimmers in the foundation does make my skin look less dull and more awake and lasts for nearly a whole day with only oily patches coming off.

I wouldn't recommend this foundation for people who have very oily skin and/or spots as it can make you look a little shiny and the coverage isn't that great.

  • Makes skin appear more awake
  • Lasts for quite a long time
  • Nice, 'expensive' looking packaging
  • Smells good
  • Not great at covering spots
  • can make dry patches stand out 

Wake me up foundation- Rimmel London
Shade 100 Ivory
Around £8.99

Enjoy your day..

Sunday, 15 July 2012

I'm back..

First of all sorry about the delay with posts I have been crazy busy with finishing school FOREVER!! (finally..) and all the work that goes with that, a wedding and prom but anyway I'm back and I have planned alot of post for the next couple of weeks..

 Enjoy your day.. <3

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Olive body butter

I was looking at the body butters in The Body Shop and I saw the Olive one and thought it would smell horrible... but i was wrong it smells amazing!!
The smell is very summery and fresh.

All The Body Shop body butters are really moisturising and nice smelling but I found that this lasted longer than many of the others.

Olive body butter- The Body Shop- £12.50
I would defiantly recommend trying this!

Enjoy your day..

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A small haul.

I recently brought a few items that I thought would be good when the sun is out although it is currently raining and has been for the past few days :/ but I'm determine to wear them and i cant wait for the sun to appear..

Dress £25 Miso in Republic- The pattern on this dress is amazing and is what drew to it, the pattern is gives the dress an old fashioned feel and the gold zip on the front makes it stand out.

£25 Miso in Republic.

£25 Miso in Republic.

Belt £2.50 Primark- This belt is gorgeous my favorite thing out of what i brought, it has a vintage look to it and the gold buckle makes it look old and expensive.

£2.50 Primark.

£2.50 Primark.

 Cropped top £4 Primark- I actually brought this top 5 sizes too big as it is quite short and I wanted it to cover my stomach, it still shows a small amount but tucked into high-waisted shorts it would be fine.
£4 Primark

Enjoy your day