Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Lately I've found myself with an over barring feeling that over the last month or so I've messed up massively and I worked out that its true I did mess up a lot recently:

1. My job.. this is my biggest worry as I've gone from having the best job I'll probably ever have and earning around £250 a week working only 3 days to working in a clothes shop (I'll mention no names) 8 hours a week earning minimum wage, which quite frankly is no where near enough as I have car insurance and other bills to pay.

2. Relationship.. Now haven't had a boyfriend since the beginning of the year but I have had a 'male friend' (erm) which was going well and we were on the way to being a couple but I'm far to laid back to take anything seriously and he had no idea what I was thinking at all.

3. College.. Everyone who knows me knows I hate college and everything about it and as my parents won't let me leave I had the great idea of being late everyday to try and get myself kicked out to work full time but unfortunately things haven't worked out the way I wanted and I'm still there wasting my time there getting more and more miserable with life.

But, it's almost the end of the year so hopefully next year will be bigger and better and I finally work out what I want to do with my life!!

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