Wednesday, 28 August 2013

College- What to expect

By the end of year 11 I was fed up with school and defiantly didn't want to go back for sixth form so college seemed like the best option.

I was terrified of the thought of a new place, new teachers, new timetable and new people. At college you choose what you study so it seems less like a waste of time doing all the different subjects like at school. Colleges are normally alot bigger than schools and offer far more, one of the best things I found was during breaks and lunch you were allowed to leave the college campus and head into the city which was great for everything apart from my bank balance!

At college you are treated like an adult which means its your responsibility to get to college and lessons on time, to do your work on time and to supply the equipment you will need. You are also given less help as you aren't being forced to attend. The lessons a re pretty easy if your doing something you feel passionate about which you should as you chose to do it.

The social side of college is far better as the people in your class aren't all from where you live and everyone seems more mature now that they have left school and are acting like adults, there are also alot more events and trips planned which means you can meet people from the different subjects around college. The people are all different age groups which means your get a wider opinion on everything. The people who you meet in college are likely to be your friends for life!

College is huge compared to school so it will take a while to learn the whole campus even though I've been at my college for a year I still don't totally know where everything is, I only know the main parts that I need. As college is bigger you will need to expect to be dumped into alot more but as soon as you learn where you need to go that will lessen as you won't be standing around as much.

There is also alot more cafes and food areas in college so you can try different food from college although it probably will be alot more expensive than the food you can purchase in the town or city close to your college but it will probably be alot more healthier!

At my college and most others you are required to carry ID which can be the form of a lanyard of an ID card which can be annoying to remember to bring and wear all the time, but I suppose its necessary for security and keeping everyone safe. You will also see alot more different things at college atleast once a day I would see the security running at someone and I've also seen a man carrying a knife be arrested..

Good luck to everyone who is starting college in September!
You'll love it!

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Perfect college bag!

In September I started my second year of college, having already been there for a year I knew that I thought I'd be prepared and buy a bigger bag this time instead of carrying all my extra work home in a Topshop plastic bag. As there are days when I won't need to bring as much to college I didn't want a huge one so the size of this bag would be perfect for both types of days. It will also be perfect for everyday use and if your travelling light.

The bag is from Topshop and cost £30 which is really good fr a bag of this quality and size. The bag has four zip compartments, two of them are huge and the other two will fit a phone and keys in. It also has two phone holders and a card holder inside the main compartment (which will fit college ID or a lanyard).

The bag is black leather look alike with gunmetal zips and details. It ha along strap for over the shoulder use which is how I'll hold it or you can use the two smaller straps to carry it on your arm. The straps aren't adjustable which would be quite annoying if your very tall or short as it will sit on a weird place on your body.

The bag can be made taller or deeper by unclipping the clips on the side, you can also remove the longer strap with them.

Buy the bag from here!

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Bad Blogger!

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks which I'am sorry for.
There are 3 main reasons:
1. The family laptop which I use to blog and upload pictures for my blog was broken (smashed).
2. I have been super busy helping to do up my uncles house which goes on all day then when I do get home I'am far too tired for anything.
3. My phone is playing up and refusing to do anything helpful.

But yesterday I brought myself a netook which I will be doing a review on, So I should be back to doing more regular posts.

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Friday, 2 August 2013

Herbal essences- Tousle me softly finishing touch cream REVIEW

I love the whole beachy messy bed head hair and I love trying products that will make it easier to achieve that look, as my hair has gone from a massive Afro when i was younger to being perfectly straight now I can't get it naturally anymore resulting in heat styled fried hair.

This product claims 'Tousle away in two different ways. For damp hair, let me help smooth things over and define your natural luscious waves. For dry hair, i help to refresh that messy, sexy look you love.' Even though this hair product is supposed to be used on naturally wavy hair I find that if you use it on wet dampish hair it works wonderfully on my perfectly straight hair.

You only need a tiny bit or it will make your hair sticky and crispy, tousle the product through your hair starting at the ends and using whatever is left on the mid-lengths and roots and then use a hairdryer to dry your hair. Tip your head upside down to dry as this will create more volume and you will be able to tousle it and move it around more. When the hair is dry use a tinier amount on the ends and mid-lengths for a less defined messier looking hairstyle.

The pot will last you ages as you only need to use a tiny bit each time.

You can find 'Herbal essences- Tousle me softly finishing touch cream' in superdrug and boots and in some larger supermarkets for around £5.
Herbal essences- Tousle me softly finishing touch cream 

Herbal essences- Tousle me softly finishing touch cream 

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