Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My Extensions

I have wanted hair extensions for years now and a couple of weeks i finally took the plunge. I brought mine from salon international (went with college) which meant that they were show price and discounted so they were only £25 and the clips £4!!

They are 100% Remy human hair 18" which means you can wash, dye and style them how you want. The colour is number 16, the hair is not one solid colour which makes them look more natural.
Being Remy hair means that the hair is facing the right way (the root end at the top and the tips at the end).

The hair is really good quality and is very soft, the shedding is understandable as I rushed to cut and sew the clips on meaning there will be loose hairs.

The make is Rene Duval which I don't think is available anymore as the woman at the shop said it was old stock but while I was there I brought my sister some which are the same quality, length and weight as mine they are available on the website ( link at the bottom).

The packaging.

The label.

The hair that was left to dry naturally. 

The clips and how i sewed them on.
The hair straightened, crimped and curled.

Hair Development - www.hair-development.com
Sister's Extensions - http://www.hair-development.com/shop/hair-extensions/remy-weft/i-love-remy18-20-45-50cm-100-percent-aaa-super-finest-quality-indian-remy-human-hair-100g-weft-hair/
Clips - http://www.hair-development.com/shop/accessories/hair-extensions/locktite-clips-for-weft-pack-of-10/

Enjoy your day..

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