Thursday, 6 September 2012

Life Post one-Starting College?!?!

I started college this week and i was terrified!! I'm not the most confident person or talkative so the idea of meeting loads of new people was rather scary, luckily I had a friend who was doing the same course as me and was in the same group..

Leaving school-
I feel like I should still be at school as it feels like I only was a year 7 a year ago.. Its gone so quickly!! 
The months and weeks coming to the end of school were strange, I had done my exams and was just finishing of course work so i was only for a couple of lessons a week and that felt like nothing was really that important any more and I was starting to grow up. I left school like everyone else saying " I can't wait to leave, Its going to be great, I will never miss this place." I suppose for some people that's true they won't miss school at all, but I defiantly miss school I didn't realise that until I started college. At school everything is basically spoon fed to you at college its your job to do things and if you don't it doesn't happen or get done. Leaving the people you have seen nearly everyday for 5 years is sad because although you do say your going to keep in touch not everyone does and they move on to new people and things and soon forget about you. The teachers you got on with now have new year 7s to teach.  The fact that I will probably never step foot back into that school ever after being there for 5 years is upsetting.

College is totally different to school instead of being classes with only people your age there are different ages from 16 up. Being able to go out of the college for lunch is great it means we can buy food from any where and walk round the shops. I hardly ever see anyone from school in college although most people went there but when i see them its normally an awkward smile or hey you aright? as we pass in the corridor instead of the long chats we would of had at school. College has less rules than school which means you can do most things unlike in school. Only studying what you want to at college instead of everything that you had to in school makes college seem a lot more fun and less boring and time wasting, but it also means you forget a lot of what you have learnt at school..

Although I'am looking forward to the rest of my time at college I defiantly am missing school alot!!
To anyone else who has left school and is starting college GOOD LUCK!! 

Enjoy your day..

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