Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Pink hair!!

I was bored and I decided that I would dye my hair pink which I have now realised I would regret as It won't fade back to my blonde colour I had before but I will have to learn to love this colour as I have no money for brown hair dye :(

I used 2 pots of directions cerise ( a really dark and bright pink) and 1 pot of directions carnation pink ( a light pink but slightly darker than baby pink) and mixed the together in a bowl and left on my hair for half an hour before washing.

I spent almost an hour in the shower (which annoyed my dad) trying to wash it out the pink water stain everything including my hands and feet..

Hopefully the pink will fade down to a lighter pink that would bleach straight out but that won't be for a while as my hair is so badly damaged from previous bleaching D: ( people who have or have had bleached hair will understand my pain).

Hope you all had a great New Years :)

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