Sunday, 13 January 2013

Life post four-What's in the dark.

As a child most people have a fear of the dark but only a few have it through to their teenage and adult years.

I'am one of these people, it's not the darkness that scares me just the thought of not knowing what's out there in the dark although monsters don't exist and too be honest I would rather run into a monster than a stranger in the dark as you are unsure of what that persons like or if they want to kill me.

Although I wouldn't admit this to my family or anyone else that I know I'am absolutely terrified of being in the dark, which means I have to tell my parents that I leave the light on because I read before bed and fall asleep with it on, but I'am learning to over come this by thinking what's the worst that's going to happen is likely that the person wants to kill me? That I'm going to get lost? And by carrying a torch for those just incase moments.

I have started to be able to sleep with only the faint glow of my phone (which I hope I won't need soon), I'am able to walk down my road without running.

To many people this won't seem like much at all but to me it's a massive step and I hope that it will mean that I can go out in the dark with confidence that I won't be killed as I walk home from the bus stop.

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