Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Perfect college bag!

In September I started my second year of college, having already been there for a year I knew that I thought I'd be prepared and buy a bigger bag this time instead of carrying all my extra work home in a Topshop plastic bag. As there are days when I won't need to bring as much to college I didn't want a huge one so the size of this bag would be perfect for both types of days. It will also be perfect for everyday use and if your travelling light.

The bag is from Topshop and cost £30 which is really good fr a bag of this quality and size. The bag has four zip compartments, two of them are huge and the other two will fit a phone and keys in. It also has two phone holders and a card holder inside the main compartment (which will fit college ID or a lanyard).

The bag is black leather look alike with gunmetal zips and details. It ha along strap for over the shoulder use which is how I'll hold it or you can use the two smaller straps to carry it on your arm. The straps aren't adjustable which would be quite annoying if your very tall or short as it will sit on a weird place on your body.

The bag can be made taller or deeper by unclipping the clips on the side, you can also remove the longer strap with them.

Buy the bag from here!

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