Friday, 2 August 2013

Herbal essences- Tousle me softly finishing touch cream REVIEW

I love the whole beachy messy bed head hair and I love trying products that will make it easier to achieve that look, as my hair has gone from a massive Afro when i was younger to being perfectly straight now I can't get it naturally anymore resulting in heat styled fried hair.

This product claims 'Tousle away in two different ways. For damp hair, let me help smooth things over and define your natural luscious waves. For dry hair, i help to refresh that messy, sexy look you love.' Even though this hair product is supposed to be used on naturally wavy hair I find that if you use it on wet dampish hair it works wonderfully on my perfectly straight hair.

You only need a tiny bit or it will make your hair sticky and crispy, tousle the product through your hair starting at the ends and using whatever is left on the mid-lengths and roots and then use a hairdryer to dry your hair. Tip your head upside down to dry as this will create more volume and you will be able to tousle it and move it around more. When the hair is dry use a tinier amount on the ends and mid-lengths for a less defined messier looking hairstyle.

The pot will last you ages as you only need to use a tiny bit each time.

You can find 'Herbal essences- Tousle me softly finishing touch cream' in superdrug and boots and in some larger supermarkets for around £5.
Herbal essences- Tousle me softly finishing touch cream 

Herbal essences- Tousle me softly finishing touch cream 

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