Saturday, 20 July 2013

Stood up

Being stood up is probably one of the worst things things that could happen to someone not only is it embarrassing but it also leaves you feeling degraded and unwanted. 

I experienced my first ever 'stand up' last week I was supposed to meet a boy who I had met before so I was defiantly not expecting to be left waiting for 2 hours. 

We had been planning to meet up for a couple of weeks and when the day came we text the whole morning. We had agreed to meet at half 12 in town. 

I got off the bus and walked to where we were going to meet he wasn't there but I thought 'oh he will only be a couple of minutes late' so I waited for 10 minutes before I text him asking what time he would be here but after half an hour I hadn't got a reply. 

I then text again asking when he would be here but still no reply. 

I sat in town for 2 hours on my own convinced that he would turn up but finally I gave in and got the bus home. 

I could not stop crying that night I felt like I wasn't good enough for him or he was too embarrassed to be seen with me. 

The worst thing is I can't be sure that him and his friends weren't say somewhere watching me and laughing at how stupid I could be for waiting that long. 

Almost a week later I still haven't got a reply but luckily I've found someone else who actually will turn up when we agree to see each other but I know if I hadn't found the other person I would still cry about being stood up and I wouldn't be able to move on for ages. 

Hopefully I won't have an awkward 'bump into' with the boy and hopefully I won't have to see him again. 

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