Friday, 26 July 2013

My Australian Dream!

Australia will always be a place I love! Even though I've only been there once, I plan to visit a lot more in the future and I also plan that one day I will live over there.I have family in down in Oz which I suppose is probably the reason I'm so fascinated by the country.

I can't help but stalk my cousins Facebook and Instagram pictures (sorry) because I just love the lifestyle and fashion that Australia has.

Although many people think that the U.K has a many different fashion cultures I think that the Australians are far better and a lot more interesting and inspiring.
English fashions shows usually have the same old clothes a parka, an oversized tee, vintage looking jeans, a statement accessory and a ridiculously sized bag either huge or tiny (no where near practical for everyday life), where as the Australian fashions shows always have something new (which is slightly owed to the weather, I know) whether its a bold cami or a pair of shorts that will show off the perfect all year tan the Ozzie style is far younger a fresher looking.

The Australian lifestyle makes the English lifestyle look boring and plain! The Australians can surf in a warm clean sea without worrying if you'll need a wetsuit to stop you from freezing or if there is any sewage floating around your feet as you dip a toe in to check the temperature.
Although the U.K has more historical sights (which cost an arm and a leg to get into) the Ozzie's can just sit in a park field with a few friends and still have a good time as the weather will be GREAT and look good just sitting in a group having a laugh.

The early dark winter evenings in a English winter are enough to make anyone want to emigrate to the land down under and soak up the sun on a warm Australian winter evening. You are far more likely to spend time with family and friends if the weather was nicer and the days lasted longer in the winter.

The Australian lifestyle is far more laid back unlike us brits who can't seem to go out without making a huge deal and dressing like we are about to walk the red carpet when we are only going to the local, which just sets us up for disappointment when the night just drifts by. The Ozzies can go out dressed casual and will have a far better night as there wasn't too much planning involved in what they wore.

Beaches, Australia defiantly wins this! The weather obviously helps this as there is more opportunities to just spend a day at the beach but also the cleanliness of the beaches is a lot better than the U.K. The sand isn't rubbish strewn and the sea isn't full of sewage and litter. The sea is a lot clearer and a far nicer shade of light blue unlike the British dark blue/grey/green sea we are all used to seeing.

You can travel to the other side of Oz and it will be like visiting a totally different country not only weather wise but culturally and environmentally where as Britain is the same all over a field, council estate, a lake, a wood, a town or city,a smelly harbor, and a farm.

In my conclusion and my opinion of life.. Life is so short and it only happens once. So why waste it in a cold wet country making a small amount of money instead of living in paradise and having more time to spend outside living life to the fullest?

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