Sunday, 18 May 2014

Style inspo- Cara Delevingne

I often find myself looking through Cara Delevingne's instagram and tumblr in awe of her amazing fashion sense and fast paced glamorous lifestyle its something me and many others can dream of..

Cara Delevingne is a beautiful model, singer and actress with a second name that most people can't pronounce but she has the most amazing style and fashion sense outside of the fashion shows and runways.

Her dirty beachy blonde hair gives her an edgy laid back beach bum look which many people crave.
Cara's eyebrows are talked about a lot which is understandable as they are so perfectly thick and shaped they suit her heart shaped face perfectly, So it may be time to ditch the wax and tweezers and let nature take over your brows.
Her clothes seem to be mainly rocky-biker-relaxed-surfer girl inspired with leather jackets, ankle boots, denim shorts, baggy T-shirts, beanie hats and skinny jeans as her go to items of choice.

Of course not all of us can afford the designer price tag but many high street stores have very similar items making it easier for us to steal her amazing style.

Cara modelling for Victoria Secrets

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