Sunday, 1 September 2013

Wishlist- September

Fern Shoulder Pad Mini Dress- Topshop

The dress is just gorgeous the colours and the print are so vibrant which is perfect for the end of summer blues that most of us will suffer now that we have come into September and the beginning of Autumn.

The tropical print just reminds me and makes me wish I lived in a tropical hot country, the colours will stand out from the dark and monochrome that will be filling everyone's wardrobes and spreading across the high street this September.

Image from Topshop
The shoulder pads give the tight fitting dress a strong structured look while the fabric clings to your body to show off your curves. The dress stops half way down your thigh so if your not that comfortable showing off a lot of legs this dress probably isn't fr you but if your proud of your pins you have no excuse not to try the dress on. 

The dress costs £38.00 which is quite alot for a dress but it will be a wardrobe staple that can be worn again and again and it will become a favourite.

Buy the dress here.

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