Monday, 18 June 2012

How I studded my denim vest/cut off

So i decided to stud my denim vest/cut off as it looked a little bit plain.. 
Denim vest/cut off- new look (around £15-25)
Studs- eBay ( around £5) (10mm silver pyramid studs)

The stud, it has 2 spike to stick into the material.
Everything i used. Denim vest/cut off, Studs, pen ( to push down the spikes).
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The first stud pushed in to the denim.

I used the pen to push the spikes down to hold it on.
One side done.

After. All done.

 It only took just over 10 minute to do it all..

Enjoy your day 

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  1. hey, thanks for posting this, i just got a leather jacket and wanted to make it stand out more. I'm usually hopeless with DIY! Good luck with the blog, we're just starting out as well xx