Sunday, 8 June 2014

A sunny ootd

The weather in England is totally unreliable for example the middle of winter can be really sunny and the middle of summer have rain floods.

So any day that has a little bit of sun and warmth you have to make the most of as I did this week.

I love wearing denim shorts especially in the 'summer' as they definitely give a carefree laid back look to any outfit, the vest is such a beautiful rust/orange colour which would suit any skin tone especially anyone who has a darker skin tone.

Shorts including belt- River Island (£30)
Baggy vest- H&M (£3.99)
Hair extensions- Lush hair extensions (Price depending on length and thickness)

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  1. love the outfit! I nominated you for a liebster award over on my blog, would be amazing if you checked it out and posted a response! thanks x