Monday, 21 October 2013

Small Haul

I've found a few items in the sales recently and thought I would share them with you lot as I love seeing what other people find in the sales as they are usually very hit and miss.


I saw these shorts in the summer and was so tempted to buy them but for some reason I didn't and I was so happy when I saw them in the sale and grabbed them straight away. I'am a huge sucker for anything high waisted, so these were added straight to my collection and although these probably aren't the best item of clothing for the autumn/winter seasons but I can't wait till next year to wear them so they'll be worn with tights for the time being.

Shorts- £15 

I'am constantly wearing baggy oversized vests with a bandeau underneath so I thought that this would be perfect for that. The top has un-wired cups  and black buttons down the back which do come undone but you probably won't need to undo them as the top is quite stretchy.



I have wanted a distressed denim jacket for years, I've been searching around charity shops, clothes shops and online but never found one I liked until a week ago. I brought this in a size 14 so that it would have to over sized look and in the winter I'd be able to fit a jumper or hoodie underneath, I have worn this jacket and it has been washed so that is why its not looking its best so sorry for the creases.


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